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CanCOLD Study welcomes the interest and proposals of co-investigators and outside investigators. Collaboration is encouraged as it helps to maximize the scientific value of the wealth of epidemiologic data made possible by the participation of more than 2,000 individuals by the end of the CanCOLD Study. The core research of the CanCOLD Study focus on the impact of lifestyle factors other than smoking, such as physical activity and diet on COPD evolution. This is also of great value for supporting trainees such as fellowship, MSc, PhD and post-doc students. Access to the data for a wide range of investigations will enable research discoveries related to other factors or other aspects of the disease like biomarkers, genetic factors etc.

In order to facilitate access and ensure the optimal scientific outcome, CanCOLD provides ancillary study policy and procedures to apply for data.

It is also in the interest of all involved with CanCOLD, researchers and participants, that data generated by the study be used for ancillary projects and publications in respected of peer reviewed journals. So the CanCOLD team will encourage data release and publications in the best delays once the analyses are generated.



1.- The research proposal needs to be prepared according to a defined format (including objectives/hypothesis, methods and analysis, relevance, timeline and budget) and submitted electronically to National project Coordinator, who will distribute it to the Sample and Data Access Committee (SDAC) composed of CanCOLD researchers. The format will be made available on the Web site.

2.- Under the coordination of the National project coordinator, all members of the SDAC and center directors, will receive the proposal and will have 4 weeks to make a review and send comments. SDAC members will meet and final decision with recommendations will be provided to the investigator.

3.- The SDAC will review the proposal for: scientific justification for the objectives, methodological soundness, impact on CanCOLD, dissemination plan (including conference and journal submissions).

4.- The proposal may be approved, approved with changes, or not approved.

5.- Following approval, the authors of the proposal will be notified of the release of data, and will sign anĀ agreement, stating that they will only use the data for the purpose described, will follow the timeline specified for the analysis, and will destroy the data files.

Sample and data access policy and Data Release and Publication Policies