Your Participation is Key


This web site is dedicated to the participants in CanCOLD cohort, who give the world the gift of knowledge. By their volunteer efforts, our understandings of the many interrelated factors that cause and prevent are and will continue to be discovered. In so doing, they help to improve and save lives.


For participants who have already registered for the program, please fill out the online questionnaire using the code that has already been assigned to you in the following link.


“CanCOLD is the first study to characterize the Canadian population with respect to COPD, its consequences on patients and our society. This study has unique feature ... and we fully support this important national research initiative”

Dr Yves Berthiaume Respiratory Health Network of the FRSQ.

“This proposal is an excellent example of the innovative, intuitive and cost-effective research ideas which exist in the Canadian Respiratory Community. This study aims to provide clarity around the existence of COPD in Canada by further developing an existing cohort to provide important insights into the natural progression of the disease, as well as the degree of disability and health status of Canadians whose lives are affected by it. In addition it promises to provide new information into changing demographics of COPD, a disease which is increasingly affecting more women and younger Canadians.”

Dr Tjark Reblin VP Medical Division, GlaxoSmithKline Canada

“The CanCOLD Study will unite investigators from distinct yet complementary areas to further advance knowledge in COPD. From an industry perspective, the CanCOLD Study provides an important opportunity to consolidate resources and link together key Canadian researchers to address challenging and important research questions in a more focused and unified manner that could not be achieved otherwise.”

Dr Tomasz Uscinowisz VP Medical, Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) and Dr Lorella Garofalo, Director Medical Affairs, Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals

“There is an urgent need to track the prevalence of COPD, to examine the influences of mild disease and sex, its manifestations and impacts on the patients and the health care system.”

Karen Felmate AstraZeneca


    A CanCOLD discussion forum is just about to be created. Periodically visit us to stay informed and join the CanCOLD forum.

    FAQ About Participation

    To help build a unique, large-scale public resource for biomedical research dedicated to COPD, becoming the third leading cause of death right after cardiovascular diseases and cancers.

    To contribute to the advancement of knowledge in this disease possibly leading to more precise diagnosis and better treatments, as well as disease prevention and health promotion programs.

    CanCOLD will be initiated in 5 sites – Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Halifax, Calgary and will be extended to 4 additional sites – Quebec, Kingston, Ottawa, Saskatoon.

    Other sites in Canada may also be considered in a near future.

    It is not possible to volunteer to participate. Individuals invited to participate in CanCOLD are selected randomly from the COLD prevalence study. This is important if we want to establish a databank and biobank that is representative of the 4 groups:

    • Subjects with significant airflow obstruction and COPD moderate–severe;
    • Subjects with mild or early disease;
    • Subjects at risk for COPD (smoker with airflow obstruction);
    • Subjects non smoker and free of airflow obstruction;
    • Individuals will be 40 years old or more.

    Randomly selected individuals will be free to decide whether or not they will participate.

    As a participant, you are completely free to participate or not in the CanCOLD project and you can end your participation at any time.

    If new information arises that may affect your willingness to remain in this study, you will be advised of this information promptly.