“Compared to other major causes of death in Canada such as cancer and heart attacks [...], awareness of COPD remains far too low” (Canadian Lung Association)

Last March the CanCold project received its first merits. CanCold saw its protocol published in the prestigious “COPD journal”. The “COPD journal” is the first journal dedicated to publishing research on the COPD disease. This gratification demonstrates the effort shown by CanCold’s team to have a better understanding, better management of COPD and to ultimately reduce its impacts. (To read the article)


Exacerbation questionnaire online



10 facts you should know about COPD

COPD stands for Chronical Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. COPD is long term disease often caused by smoking. COPD includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

The symptoms of COPD include : a cough that lasts a long time or coughing up "stuff', feeling short of breath, especially when you are making an effort, many lung infections that last a long time.

A "smoker" cough is not normal, if you have a cough that last 3 weeks or longer, you should talk to your doctor.

COPD can be diagnosed with a simple breathing test called spirometry.

When COPD is diagnosed early, it's easier to manage. If you don't get diagnosed early, it will be harder to treat and you will have more symptoms and more lung damage.

Most COPD can be prevented by not smoking and staying away from second-hand smoke.

COPD  is the 4th cause of the death in Canada.

COPD lung attacks are the 1st cause of the hospital admission.

You can exercise with COPD.

The lung association has a free, confidential helpline : 1-866-717-2673.



With a total of 1524 subjects already enrolled  in the study, CanCOLD reached over 90% of it's recruitment target. Thank you all and we proud that six sites are currently performing visit 3.

  • 334 in Montreal
  • 427 in Vancouver
  • 72 in Toronto
  • 127 in Halifax
  • 128 in Calgary
  • 116 in Ottawa
  • 134 in Kingston
  • 85 in Quebec
  • 104 in Saskatoon


CanCold Retreat 2014 

The third edition of the CanCOLD Retreat tookplace on October 9-10, 2014 and brought together 41 participants : investigators and collaborators, sponsors, students and members of the
CanCOLD team. Clic to see the topic of each presentation and the contact of the speaker.

To see the presentation, click here.

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